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Content of the Course

Adobe Illustrator Course Module

Class # 1

Introducing Illustrator
1.      Using the welcome screen
2.      Comparison between Photoshop and Illustrator
3.      Introducing Vector Graphics
4.      Introducing Illustrator interface, Tool bar and setting new document
5.      Object/shape creation using basic shapes and pen tool

6.      Selection basics
7.      Introducing Anchor points
8.      Introducing Fill and Stroke and Applying color.
9.      Object arrangement and working with object grouping, locking and hiding
10.  Using undo/redo, Guide, Grid and saving a Document as native format of illustrator

 Class Assignment: Drawing Cartoon using basic shapes.


Class # 2

Fill, Stroke and Color

 1.      An Overview of the Color palette

 2.      Working with swatches [Creating and saving new Color Swatches]


 1.      Introducing illustrator gradient and applying in object.

 2.      Using swatches for gradient  

Transforming Object

 1.      Introducing Object Transformations and working with scale, rotate and free transform tool.

 2.      Duplicating Objects (CTRL+F, Ctrl+B) and Transform Again(Ctrl+D)

 3.      Moving Objects in Increments

Class assignment: Robi Logo & Wall Clock Design

Class # 3

Using the powerful pen tool

 1.      Drawing with the pen Tool

 2.      Modifying a path and understanding Open & close Path

 3.      Making Use of the Join Command.

 4.      Modifying and Converting anchor points.

 5.      Introducing Eraser, Scissors and Knife Tools.

 6.      Width, Wrap, Twirl, Pucker etc.

 7.      Share Tool.

 8.      Reshape Tool.

 9.      An Overview of Gradient Mesh

 1.      An overview of Stroke and Stroke Palette

 2.      Explanation of Stroke Cap, Stroke join and Stroke Dash and Gap.

  Class assignment: Sketch an Illustration.

 Class assignment: Watching Mesh Tutorial ( Google, YouTube) & Apply, Film Reel Using 

Class # 4


Pathfinder Operations

 1.      Introducing to the Shape Mode & Pathfinder operations.

 2.      Cropping, Uniting and Arranging.

 3.      Shape Builder Tool.

 Blends and Masks

 1.      Creating custom Gradients via Blending.

 2.      Customizing Blends for Specific Shapes.

 3.      Changing the Shape of Customized Blends

 4.      Masking Edges with Clipping Masks.

Class Assignment: Google Chrome Logo .

Class # 5

Working with Text

 1.      Discussing type Tool

 2.      Explaining Character Palette.

 3.      Text with paragraph palette.

 4.      Type Menu Details.

 5.      Text Wrap  

Brushing with Vectors

 1.   About brush tool

Symbol Tool Details

 1.      Accessing Symbol Libraries

 2.      Creating Symbols

 3.      Applying Symbols with the symbol spray too.

 4.      Modifying Symbols with Symbol Tools

 Class assignment:

 Create Bangladesh Government Logo or like something Design a Magazine page with Photo.

Class # 6

Using Transparency

 1.      Overview on Transparency Palette.

 2.      Blend mode

 3.      Creating an Opacity Mask.

Effects and the Appearance Panel

 1.      Using effects and appearances.

 2.      Applying effects

 3.      Multiple fills and strokes on a path.

All menu Detail

File, Edit, Object, Type, Select, View and Window.

 Class assignment: Creating wine glass and 3D Film reel.

 Class # 7

 Discuss and conceptualizing about logo design.

 Class assignment: Logo Design


 Class # 8

Project: Business card, Letter head


Class assignment: Business card, Letter head Design

  Class # 9

 Project: Flyer, Brochure Design.

  Class assignment: Flyer, Brochure.

Adobe Photoshop Course Module


Class # 1

    1.   Introducing with Photoshop

    2.   Document setup

 -Why document setup is important,   

 -Unit, Resolution and color mode

    3.   Zoom in and out

    4.   Color apply

    5.   Selection basic

    6.   Layer Basic

    7.   Undo and Redo

    8.   Document saves

     Class # 2

    1.   Selection Details

 Selection tools Sub Selection Feather

    2.   Image Resize

 Crop Tool Image Size File Format

   3.   Brush Tools

 a. Brush Tools details with brush settings

 c. Create a new brush

Class assignment: Patee Design Facebook Cover Photo Resize

Class # 3

Image Retouching

1.   Spot Healing, Healing, Patch Tool

2.   Clone Stamp

3.   Pen Tools

a)       Path mode

b)      Shape Mode 

     4. Path Selection Tool

     5. Direct Selection Tool

Class assignment: Image Retouching 

Class # 4

     1.   Gradient Tool  

     2.   Paint Bucket Tools

     3.   Image Adjustment

     4.   Type Tool

     5.   Character Palette  

Class assignment: 10 Image Adjustments  

Class # 5

    1.   Erase Tools Details 

a. Erase Tool

b. Background Eraser Tool

c. Magic Eraser Tool

    2. Layer Palate

a. Layer Lock

b. Layer Merge

c. Layer Mode

d. Group and Ungroup

e. Opacity and Fill

f.  Layer Masking

g. Clipping Masking

 Class assignment: Trace 5 Paper Advertisements

Class # 6

   1.             Layer Style

  a. Blending Option

     2.   Layer Palate

  a. Layer Adjustment

 b. Smart Layer 

     3.   Refine Edge

     4.   Action

Class # 7

    1.   Animation

    2.   Liquefy

    3.   Vanishing Point

Class assignment: creating animation

Benefits of the Course

Every Participant Get Certificate 

Every Class Recording Providing  through Email

Attend Class from anywhere 



Course Materials


Course Delivery:

Blended Mode Trainers will deliver the sessions using Google Meet.



Participants will be awarded certificates

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Meet the Resource Person

Mr. Jahid Shamol
 Professional Graphics Designer 


Course Information

20 Sessions in 1 month (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday only)
 December 30, 2020

BDT 2,500

Course Fee:

Mr. Tarekol Islam Sobuj (Cell: 01847-140059)

Date & Time

December 30, 2020

Start - 11:00 AM Monday

February 1, 2021

End - 11:30 AM Asia/Dhaka

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