Social Monitoring & Reporting Services

Regardless of your business size and domain, your employees, customers, prospects and probably everyone is talking about you, either by leaving a comment on your blog post, tweeting about your products, writing a Facebook post to share their reviews or by any other means. And if you don’t monitor conversations surrounding your brand, you won’t be able to track your social media progress or improve it. Spiral World can help you understand the when, where and who surrounding your brand.

We propose a gamut of social media monitoring and reporting services to make it easy for brands to keep a tab on trends, address complaints and compliments across social media channels and track progress against the goals outlined in their social media strategy. We provide detailed reports that help you gather business-changing, valuable insights from social conversations and make smarter decisions across your business.

Social Media Monitoring Services/ Social Media Reporting Services at Spiral World

We help you stay on top of your competitors by providing you actionable insights that you require to improve service and drive brand perception for your company. Our groups of web-based social networking observing specialists enable you to appearance from breaking down your quality crosswise over web-based life platforms, tracking trends and understanding the online public attitude towards your corporation through to discovering key influencers and staying connected with them.

Our range of social media monitoring services include:

  • Track Mentions and Sentiment

We keep a tab on your brand mentions across all platforms including blogs, social networks, video sharing sites, message boards, and forums. Our teams also measures reach of each post as well as the impact of your PR or marketing campaigns.

  • Identify Outreach Opportunities:

Our internet-based life checking groups enable you to recognize and find basic discussions occurring at stages other than Facebook and Twitter.

We also identify influential individuals and help you engage them in conversations about your company, brand. Industry or other critical issues.

  • Gain Better Insight into Brand Reputation

We track consumer comments and feedback across social media channels to find out exactly what they think about your company, your brand, and your products.

  • Gather Competitive Intelligence

As part of social media monitoring services, we help you learn more about your competitors and their social media strategy.

  • Identify Issues and Improve Customer Service

Our teams monitor social media on a continuous basis to gauge customer complaints pertaining to your products or services, as well as enable quick, corrective action.

  • Identify a Brewing Crisis

We listen to all the conversations taking place across social media channels and monitor negative comments as they begin to develop before they go viral.  Social Media Services Digital Asset Development & Promotion

Digital Asset Development & Promotion Services

Your company's online presence is based on a portfolio of digital assets. The more quality assets you put out there, the higher the chances that your audience will interact with your brand. Your website, branded social pages, landing pages, mobile apps, videos, infographics–these are just some of the forums you can use to establish your brand name, support your brand identity, and become a source of expertise in your industry. We help develop your digital asset portfolio and follow up by promoting it via multiple channels. Besides driving organic traffic to your site, this kind of initiative builds and grows your business.

Developing specialized, visual content for your audience.

A computerized resource is a bit of substance - printed, graphical, or something else - with the possibility to be appropriated crosswise over different sorts of media, for example, social stages, online journals, and different sites.

Digital assets pique the interest of users by engaging, informing or entertaining them. People are enticed to share a digital asset with their peers and followers, increasing the number of linked citations to the asset and your website. This provides your website value as it expands the audience, resulting in more clicks to your website and exposure of your brand to the masses. Digital assets can also be used for content marketing, to expand social engagement, earning natural links to your website and for facilitating positive brand references.

Developing a digital asset to be marketed on social media is targeted to the users. Digital assets go beyond the prospect of "good content." They can be graphic-based, interactive or text-focused. As such, during development, it is important to identify the target audience and consider what information they seek. Once this has been determined, it is then crucial to present the information in a manner that is aesthetically logical and visually stimulating. While digital assets may be conscious of keywords and website placement in search results, this is not the primary focus.

Digital assets regularly developed by Internet Marketing Ninjas include, but are not limited to:

  • Infographics

An infographic is an ingenious combination of text and images, displayed in a visually engaging manner. It directs the eye of every user as they ingest its data. Points for infographics can go from amusing logical information to a popular culture subject with a huge religion following. This data may incorporate measurements, citations or other information that is important to the substance of the benefit.

  • Videos

There is no better way to show off a product in action or connect with the user on a personal level than allowing them to watch a video. Recordings can be utilized to address the client specifically, giving a visual face and capable of being heard a voice to your image. Recordings can likewise be utilized for SEO purposes and can target inquiries that component general pursuit.

  • In-Depth Articles

It is estimated that 10% of searches come from people who are looking for more than a quick answer, but rather a more thorough understanding of a subject or idea. This is tended to with the idea of inside and out articles, which can show up in a one of a kind segments of list items for an expansive subject. Top to bottom articles is intended to be instructive and take a specialist point of view regarding a matter with a differing level of difficulty. They focus on a particular gathering of people, planning to keep up client enthusiasm for a broad measure of time and to pull in regular references inside a particular specialty.

  • Blogs and Newsworthy Content

Blogging is an integral part of online content marketing Blog entries can give a specialist viewpoint on industry patterns and blog journalists give a face to an organization that clients can identify with. Web Marketing Ninjas can take finish control of your blog or give another name and voice that will pick up Author Rank and speak to your image. Our posts are composed by bloggers with nature of your industry. With a debatable posting plan, we will oblige your requirements.

  • Interactive Applications

Gadgets and applications draw in clients through perception, enabling them to tap on catches, type esteems into fields and serving a one of a kind affairs. An application can be more change centered, helping the client figure out what item to buy. They can likewise be for diversion purposes, for example, a test to decide identity write.

 Applications can be published on your domain or developed specifically for your Facebook or other social media accounts.

Social Media Community Management

Community management is the process of managing, monitoring and promoting your brand followers across diverse social media platforms.

One of the main objectives of any social media strategy is to establish and promote a community. However, developing this community many times takes a lot of your focus and resource. While this is essential for boosting your brand’s visibility, it is actually only a small part of the whole social media strategy.

Community managers are your brand ambassadors

As your brand ambassador, we supervise your social media campaigns to make sure that they are in accordance with the planned social media strategy. Our community managing experts provide quick directions to contributors on various social media platforms. During the period of crisis, our experts can step in for effective crisis management.

Our experts are proficient in monitoring platform metrics and establishing reputation management routines. Every quarter we prepare a report on your brand's overall performance on social media platforms and support it with recommendations. Our vast experience across diverse industry verticals gives us an edge over our competitors. Since community managers act as your brand ambassadors, we make sure that they are experts and are efficient in delivering quality services at all times.

Spiral World Marketing offers a wide gamut of community management services to help organizations to manage their online communities more efficiently and professionally.

  • Engage with your online community

Interact with your community by providing constant updates and sharing user appropriate content. Create your brand presence among your customers through your website.

  • Provide human touch to your brand

Humanizing your brand by engaging with the users on a regular basis. Our teams of community managers represent your brand and become your brand ambassadors with whom users can directly interact.

  • Manage customer feedback and queries

Our community managers review the feedback and with the help of social media analytics we evaluate your brand’s performance on a regular basis. After going through user’s feedback we suggest improvements so as to enhance user experience.

  • Forum moderation

Our community managers take an active part in community discussions as well as help moderate content to maintain the health of the forum and keep it user-friendly.