Vulnerability Assessment

Why is Vulnerability Assessment Essential?


Digital Security What's more, in exceedingly controlled businesses like the fund, medicinal services or people in general segment, guaranteeing the wellbeing of your item is a vital prerequisite illustrated in models and directions, including ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, CCHIT and numerous other compulsory principles. Conforming to these is fundamental for each player in those enterprises.


Spiral World Security Services

Spiral World offers its customers a defenselessness appraisal benefit, which is a far-reaching assessment of a framework for uncovered vulnerabilities without their immediate abuse. Savvy, general helplessness evaluations can be a valuable apparatus in remaining up and coming with regards to security.

An application-level helplessness appraisal is an ideal fit for items amid the late advancement arranges before they achieve generation. It can be viable finished in a test situation and help to make your item secure in time for discharge. For discharged applications, both helplessness appraisals and entrance testing can help guarantee most extreme security consistently.

Spiral World performs helplessness evaluations as per "best-in-class" hones as characterized by ISECOM's Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) and the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Our specialists utilize both computerized devices and manual methods to recognize vulnerabilities that debilitate to trade off the security of delicate data ensured by a customer's foundation, arrangements, and procedures.

Because of the evaluation, Spiral World gives an extensive report containing distinguished dangers, security shortcomings, and misconfigurations and additionally particular, noteworthy strides to kill recognized vulnerabilities and enhance general security.

Service  Highlights

Vulnerability evaluation can help:

  • Identify Security Issues Before They Can Be Exploited;
  • Improve Productivity By Avoiding Application Downtime;
  • Protect The Integrity And Confidentiality Of Sensitive Enterprise Data;
  • Ensure Security In Time For Product Release.

 By taking preventive measures, you can eventually spare a large number of dollars in misfortunes from bargained notoriety, decreased client certainty, business disturbances, lost efficiency and that's just the beginning.


Typical Workflow

The workflow for vulnerability assessment involves the following stages:


The work process is fundamentally the same as infiltration testing, with the significant distinction concerning the way toward finding vulnerabilities. While entrance testing is a genuine assault reproduction, amid helplessness appraisal our specialists don't abuse any of the vulnerabilities found. The Spiral World group utilizes both robotized devices and manual strategies just to find existing vulnerabilities.

Mobile Application Penetration

In the course of the most recent couple of years, advanced mobile phones and tablets have turned out to be typical in both, purchaser and undertaking markets. Keeping data secure on cell phones is vital for organizations and end clients, be it corporate or individual.

Portable applications regularly utilize delicate information (installment cards data, individual information, and so on.) that may be imperiled because of a programmer assault or a lost/stolen cell phone.

Companies often wish to verify the effectiveness of existing security measures and to evaluate the risk of successful exploits. One of the steady techniques for doing that is to play out a conclusion to-end infiltration test.

An infiltration trial of a versatile application intends to sidestep its security components and increase unapproved get to. The procedure incorporates a few stages, for example, figuring out security controls and application rationale, dynamic investigation, review of utilization movement and privately put away information, examination of the server-side segments, et cetera. Amid the testing procedure, security engineers take a gander at the application from an aggressor's perspective and endeavor to devise and


Spiral World has deep technical skills and extensive experience in mobile application security, testing applications on all device types and platforms, from iOS, to Android and Windows Phone. Spiral World penetration testing services cover all classes of mobile application vulnerabilities, including but not limited to:

  • Authentication and session management defects
  • Use of insecure services and protocols
  • Application logic defects
  • Insecure local data storage
  • Caching and temporary files
  • Information leakage
  • Privacy issues
  • Unmanaged code and memory access
  • Weak cryptography


Network Penetration

The robust evolution of IT technologies allows businesses to build complex networks.

Inside these systems lies all their touchy data, be it private business information or installment cards information, which draws in proficient programmers and content kiddies alike.


Figure: Network Attacks

While arrange level vulnerabilities may be less normal, their effect is difficult to overestimate. With access to a system, a pernicious client may get delicate information and plan financial misrepresentation or plant malware for upsetting business capacities.

Fixing your system border is of prime significance for each association, paying little respect to its size. System entrance testing serves to:

  • Enumerate security vulnerabilities of system foundation, including the frameworks, administrations and system gadgets
  • Become mindful of the security dangers postured by the found vulnerabilities
  • Learn the manners by which arrange vulnerabilities may affect a business procedure
  • Identify introduction to inward (i.e. malevolent workers) and outside assailants (i.e. unknown assailants on the Internet)
  • Receive down to earth remediation proposals for the revealed issues
  • Become consistent with security controls, (for example, prerequisite 11.3 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS))

Spiral World security engineers are specialists in organize entrance testing. The group uses our restrictive system in view of Best Practices and industry-standard structures, for example, OSSTMM, OWASP, WASC. Spiral World security pros use both computerized and manual methods, to guarantee the most abnormal amounts of system security.